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Website Renovation is Complete!

Hello everyone!  I hope you've noticed the website has undergone a complete overhaul.  One of the potential downsides to doing my own web design and code is that I frequently like to change things up.  That being said I went for simple and easy to read this time (you're welcome).  I intend to at least post weekly to my blog, or more if the mood strikes me.  Things have been pretty busy but I do hope everyone is preparing for the holidays and enjoying time with family.  

I will be attending two events next fall, and have more lining up for spring as we speak.  I will post a bit more about those things this coming week and put them on my calendar so you can keep track as well.  If there are any events that you would like to see me at, give me a holler!  It's difficult sometimes to gauge which ones people that would like to meet me attend.  

That's all for tonight, as I get ready to watch the Patriots game as well as The Walking Dead at the same time with my husband.  It could be very emotional on both ends!