Cody Criswell - Saint's Mercy Cover Model - Interview

Cody Criswell - Saint's Mercy Cover Model - Interview

  • You are the lead guitarist and a founding member of the band Artifas, while I have both albums Clover is one of my favorites.  Can you share the origin story of that song?   Clover is a song strictly about chasing your dreams and refusing to let other people or things get in your way of reaching those goals. This band has always been about going after the things we want, and we believe that if anyone wants something bad enough they have the power to get it. It was actually one of the first few songs we ever wrote as a band, but didn’t make its way onto an album until we released our second record, Inhuman. 
  • It’s 2018.  I’ve seen you post about being busy, what plans or projects do you have going for the year so far? Ummmm… I can’t give up all the goods yet. I can say, however, that we’re heading into the studio to make our 3rd album with a new producer and we’re extremely excited about it. Right now our focus is on that, and soon after there will be a release and some tour announcements as well!!
  • If there was one thing you could leave in 2017 (other than auto-tune), what would it be? Hey, now… Autotune is a singers best friend hahaha. But for real tho… Out with he autotuned mumble rap…. Lol…. Ummm. Honestly 2017 and 2016 were both not so great years for me. Aside from the obvious pleasures of playing music and being with my loved ones, I’d have to say that both those years entirely could take a hike… 
  • What or whom brought you into the world of book cover modeling? My good friend and author, Theresa Hissong, actually encouraged me to give it a try. Since then, she’s acted as my agent and helped me get into the book scene. 
  • Video games…we know that you play them.  What are your top five favorite games to play when you have downtime? I do love video games. I don’t get to play them as much as I used to, but when I do its usually the latest Madden NFL, Star Wars Battlefront 2, or one of a few others. Not sure I have enough to name 5 of my favorites. That would’ve been a good question to ask me 15 years ago hahaha.
  • Was Artifas your first band? If not are you or were you involved in any other musical projects? Artifas was actually my 2nd band. I was the lead vocalist/guitarist for a band my brother and I started for about 5 years before this band was started. We were kids, so obviously it didn’t last all that long. Lol I’m trying to keep myself involved in a lot of musical endeavors lately. When I’m not investing my time into Artifas, I also produce other artists and release my now music under a solo project. 
  • I’ve seen that you’ve travelled quite a bit recently with Artifas, what is the furthest you’ve gone and what was your take away from the experience? We recently travelled to Japan to be a part of a big festival on Kadena AirForce base. Obviously with Japan being on the opposite side of the world, thats about as far away as it gets haha. The biggest things I took from the trip were a bigger respect for our nations military, and a renewed sense of pride and appreciation for my country. 
  • I have some pretty different tastes in hobbies, music, and books.  Do you have any quirks or interests that might surprise people? I’m pretty open with others about myself, so I find it hard to believe that anyone would be that surprised by my hobbies. Music takes up about 85% of everything I do, but I’m also into video games, skateboarding, and drinking… lol productive, right
  • Fans.  You now have both music and I’m betting book cover fans.  Do you find them to be similar or is the demographic very different? Very similar. Although there are differences between the two types of fans, I’ve found that they’re all there for the same reasons: They dig what I’m doing, or they like to have a good time. Lol
  • Rocker books.  They’re huge (I’ve written one, sadly years before I knew of you guys), have you ever considered writing one, or any book for that matter? I haven’t. The concept of writing books is far beyond my patience will allow me to go. I can write music for months on end, but I’m not sure that I could ever put down enough words to paper to ever come close to a complete book. Not to mention I don’t think I’m creative enough to provide all the info a reader would want. 
  • What is one thing you’d want people to know about you that maybe hasn’t been asked? Not sure exactly. I guess the only thing I could really think of would be to have people go and check out not only Artifas material, but some of my other releases as well. Artifas is my main gig, so it tends to be the way people know me, but I’m always looking to expose new people to other aspects of my career as well. 

Cody, it was a pleasure to interview you as well as work with you for the cover of Saint's Mercy.  Here is a video of Cody's first solo release that he did in conjunction with Kay Renee and Lexi Bissen's romance "Reckless".  Cody has many videos that are instructional and percussion based as well on youtube.

Also, if you've not had a chance to listen to the band Cody is in, here is the Spotify playlist for Artifas! They can be found on all the social media outlets, and have a website here.

Saint's Mercy can be found:








Keep your eyes peeled for the next newsletter featuring an interview with the photographer of the Saint's Mercy cover photo, Randy Sewell of RLS Model Images Photography.  


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